Director ‘Night in Paradise’ “Thanks for the invitation to Venice… I was lucky” Humility testimony

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Night in Paradise’ Director Park Hoon-jung and the leading actors were officially invited to the Venice International Film Festival and were thrilled to be praised abroad first.

Director Park Hoon-jung said at a press conference for the Netflix movie ‘Night in Paradise’ (Director Park Hoon-jung) held online on the afternoon of the 2nd, “’Paradise’ is a calm and beautiful place, but the tragedy that takes place in it is like ‘Night’. At the same time, because there is an irony that some people have a beautiful landscape and someone has a completely different meaning, I put those things in the title implicitly.”

Jeon Yeo-bin said, “It was the first time I encountered the title and felt poetic. It was exactly the situation that the characters faced during the play. I thought he expressed it very nicely and emotionally.”

Director Park, who was also officially invited to the Venice International Film Festival for this film, said, “I think I have built a lot of virtues in my previous life. I think I am really lucky. Thank you very much.”

Cha Seung-won also said, “I’m really happy,” and said, “It’s regrettable that I couldn’t go to the local area and enjoy the festival because of this situation, but I’m really happy.” He was delighted with “I am proud of being introduced to a meaningful film festival.”

Uhm Tae-gu said, “The movie is really good. If you check it out yourself, you will know why it was well received.”

Emotional noir ‘Night in Paradise’ depicts the story of a man who became the target of the organization and a woman standing at the end of life. Actors Uhm Tae-gu, Jeon Yeo-bin, and Cha Seung-won appear. It will be released on Netflix on the 9th.

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