‘Garo Sero Institution’, Park Soo-hong, “just a fortune fight” in controversy over embezzlement of his brother

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Garo Sero Institution’ mentioned the controversy over the embezzlement of comedian Park Soo-hong (51).

On the 1st, the YouTube channel ‘Garo Sero Institution’ broadcasted on the controversy over the alleged embezzlement of Park Soo-hong and his brother.

On this day, the ‘Garo Sero Institution’ side said, “Park Soo-hong is poor, and there is nothing left,” said a netizen who is believed to be an acquaintance of Park Soo-hong’s brother. There are also several houses and shopping centers under the name of Park Soo-hong,” he said. Rather, he mentioned the comments claiming that Park Soo-hong made a huge expenditure while going to clubs and overseas trips.

Kim Yong-ho, a former entertainment reporter, said, “Park Soo-hong has a lot of wealth. So far, hasn’t your brother managed Park Soo-hong’s property? He said, “I wonder if (Park Soo-hong’s brother) is making him a bad person because he has trouble with him, and he has to shake off his brother.” He continued, “Isn’t Park Soo-hong once in the position? At first (the amount of embezzlement) 10 billion won came out as a comment. Park Soo-hong didn’t talk about the amount, but he didn’t even correct it for 10 billion won. I didn’t touch it and blow my nose.”

Kim Yong-ho said, “Even if your brother is a bad person in the world, if you want to embezzle it, will it be revealed like this? Didn’t my brother run away? When I dealt with the story of Park Soo-hong, I said that I am not a good person as people think. He is very cynical and takes good care of his own. But by doing public opinion, people unconditionally think that people are victims.”

He said, “From the standpoint of Park Soo-hong’s brother, there must be many things that Park Soo-hong did wrong. The problem is that it blocks my brother’s counterattack. If the older brother now says, ‘Park Soo-hong happened to be like this’, he will become a worse person. The people of Korea are vulnerable to agitation. He added, “It has some past that has been revealed and is instigated in a number of events.”

In response, Kim Se-eui said, “Emotional arms are well designed. Looking at the remarks made in past entertainment, there seems to have been a conflict with parents and siblings.”

Then Kim Yong-ho said, “Park Soo-hong is in a public opinion fight whether he is leading or on the sidelines. If there is a real problem, he is in a court battle or a public opinion battle to come to a conclusion. There is something to say, too. It seems that there is a situation where I can’t even be there,” he said.

Meanwhile, the suspicion of embezzlement by Park Soo-hong’s brother-in-law began with a comment posted on the YouTube channel ‘Black Cat Dahong’ run by Park Soo-hong.

The author said, “Park Soo-hong is a one-person agency for 30 years. I brought my older brother who wasn’t working 30 years ago, and she was the manager. Park Soo-hong’s performance fees All money management brothers and sister-in-law’s. Now they have run away.”

When this fact became known, Park Soo-hong posted on his Instagram on the 29th of last month, “It is true that he suffered financial damage in relation to his former agency. The agency has been operated under the name of my brother and sister-in-law,” he admitted to the fact of embezzling his brother.

In addition, Park Soo-hong said, “I was shocked and tried to rectify the conversation, but I have not received an answer for a long time until now. Currently, he has secured objective data on what has happened so far, and has requested a dialogue once again. “If you don’t respond to this because it’s our last request, I don’t think I can see them as family anymore.”


Park Soo-hong. Photo l Star Today DB

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