Mamamoo Wheein, solo comeback on the 13th…unprecedented ‘Redd’ notice

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group Mamamoo Wheein confirmed a solo comeback on the 13th.

On the 2nd, Mamamoo announced the news of her solo comeback by releasing the web jacket image of Wheein’s first mini-album ‘Redd’ on the official SNS.

In the published image, Wheein is looking at the camera as if she could pierce the camera in a space covered in intense red. In particular, the immaculate face was painted in red, captivating the eye, and it is an unconventional appearance that is different from the static atmosphere before.

With this, Wheein made a solo comeback after 1 year and 7 months after her second solo single ‘Soar’ in September 2019.

Wheein’s first mini-album ‘Redd’ contains the meaning of “let’s get rid of the false tastes and styles attached to my body and mind, and express what I really want.” .

As it is the first mini-album to debut, Wheein participated throughout the album’s work and expressed the musical color of solo artist Wheein.

Wheein debuted as Mamamoo in 2014 and not only produced numerous hit songs, but also showed prominence in solo activities with clean tones and solid vocals such as ‘Be burdened’ and ‘Let’s break up’.

In particular, as she showed unrivaled presence through solo activities from Mamamoo Moonbyul to Solar and Hwasa last year, Wheein’s solo activities are also paying attention.

Meanwhile, on April 13th, Wheein releases her first mini album ‘Redd’ and makes a comeback.

Wheein. Photo lRBW

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