‘Seolvival’ Ha Seong-woon “I haven’t had a blind date experience… My ideal type is a talkative person.”

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Ha Seong-woon revealed her ideal type in ‘Seolvival’.

Singer Ha Seong-woon appeared as a special balancer in the KBS Joy entertainment program ‘Seolvival’, which aired on the 1st.

The first topic of low tide on this day was ‘What if I should have a blind date?’ When Park Na-rae lucked out, “I did a blind date,” Hwang Bo-ra, Ha Seong-woon, and Kim Ji-min all said, “I haven’t done a blind date.”

When Park Na-rae asked, “What kind of person would you like to appear on a blind date?” Ha Seong-woon said, “I like people who talk a lot. I have a lot of talk, but I don’t talk alone, but I want to ask a lot of questions about each other.”

Kim Ji-min, who heard this, asked, “Even if you don’t talk much, how about making the reaction at the level of audiences?” When Ha Seong-woon said, “I hate that,” Hwang Bo-ra laughed in anger and said, “What do you mean by that? If you say you like a lot of talk and don’t like reactions?”

After Park Na-rae asked, “What is the style of the person you want to avoid on a blind date?” Ha Seong-woon answered honestly, “I hate people who use sweet words when talking.”

On the other hand, ‘Seolvival’ is a new concept talk show that introduces various ‘seol (real experiences)’ sent directly from viewers through the recently popular ‘Balance Game’ and draws the best legend story every week, and broadcasts every Thursday at 8:30 PM. do.


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