‘Dad of dogs’ Park Seong-gwang selected as a pet dog kindergarten model

Park Seong-gwang. Provided | Starmon

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Park Seong-gwang was selected as a pet dog kindergarten model.

Park Seong-gwang, famous for his love of dogs, was selected as an advertising model for Starmon, which provides dog kindergarten and total services. Starmon said that Park Seong-gwang’s extraordinary affection for dogs and communication with the public matched well with the brand image, and that it was decided to work with him as an advertising model.

Park Seong-gwang, who lives with Gwang Bok, ‘celebrity dog’, expressed his extraordinary affection by sharing his daily life with his dog through his social media channel. In particular, Park Seong-gwang has recently shown high interest in companion animals by playing an active part as a special MC of ‘Pet Vitamin’.

As a dog PD, Park Seong-gwang will communicate with dogs through various events as well as dog information through the YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, Starmont Kindergarten, for the same purpose as the German Puppy School (Hundeschule), teaches how to live well together for dogs and dogs. It attracts expectations as a complex cultural space that combines everything related to dogs, such as dog hotels for dogs in the city, dog beauty, and dog training.


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