Park Soo-hong, suing his brother today (5th)… His brother “Because of his girlfriend, who was born in 1993, conflict was bgan”

Park Soo-hong. Photo|Star Today DB

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Park Soo-hong is going to file a civil and criminal complaint and legal response to the alleged embezzlement of his brother on the 5th.

On the 3rd, attorney Noh Jong-eon, the legal representative of Park Soo-hong, said, “Park Soo-hong’s brother and his spouse did not accept the agreement, but rather produced a slander article about Park Soo-hong through an acquaintance with unknown identity through a specific media company.” Decided that there is no more willingness to resolve amicably through dialogue, and will initiate civil and criminal legal actions such as formal complaint procedures on Monday, April 5, 2021.”

Park Soo-hong. Photo|Park Soo-Hong’s SNS

Lawyer Noh said, “All sales of the corporation came from Park Soo-hong. However, not only did his brother and his spouse not keep the distribution ratio of 7:3, but also used the corporate card for personal living expenses without permission, did not settle the contribution fee, and paid various taxes and expenses. We have captured the circumstances that have been borne by Park Soo-hong. There is a situation in which the funds of a corporation (Rael Co., Ltd., Media Boom Co., Ltd.) are unfairly used or withdrawn for personal use, and some embezzlement has been discovered. Despite the fact that it is a corporation consisting only of broadcasting fees, Park Soo-hong does not have any shares, and 100% of the shares are his brother and his family.”

“In January 2020, it was confirmed that a new corporation named ‘The Yer’ was established. It was confirmed that 1.7 billion won was invested in this, and the source of the funding was requested by the tax accountant in charge seven times. I did not respond to this at all,” he added.

Park Soo-hong. Photo|SNS

Park Soo-hong shall disclose the all assets of his brother and his children and Park Soo-hong to his biological brother, and then divide it into 7 to 3, sell Park Soo-hong as invalid and apologize for the embezzlement of corporate property and non-compliance of settlement. After agreement, mutual reconciliation, He presented an agreement with the content of forgiveness and not committing malicious slander, but he did not accept it, but rather mass produced slanderous articles and led to a lawsuit.

Then, Park Soo-hong’s brother asserted that he would actively respond through a media and insisted that his high school daughter, who is preparing for the university entrance exam, is currently undergoing psychiatric treatment and is not in normal school life.

Through the media, the brother-in-law claimed that Magok-dong shopping center and Park Soo-hong owned an apartment, and on the 4th, the beginning of all conflicts began when Park Soo-hong introduced his girlfriend at the beginning of last year. According to his brother’s side, the apartment name in which Park Soo-hong resides is his girlfriend A, born in 1993. In the Lunar New Year last year, Park Soo-hong tried to introduce A to his family, but it was misfired due to various circumstances. After that, the conflict between Park Soo-hong and his brother began, and in June of last year, they claimed that they were completely separated. The brother’s side also said that Park Soo-hong brought corporate bankbooks.

The suspicion of embezzlement by Park Soo-hong’s brother began with Park Soo-hong’s YouTube channel comments and spread.

Accordingly, Park Soo-hong said on his Instagram on the 29th of last month, “It is true that it has suffered financial damage in relation to the former agency, and it is also true that the agency has been operated in the name of my brother and sister-in-law.” Admitted to wearing it.

Park Soo-hong said, “One day after 30 years, I realized that many of the things I had made through my efforts were not mine. I was shocked by this and tried to talk to correct it, but I have not received a reply for a long time.” “Currently, I have secured objective data on what has happened so far, and I have asked for dialogue once again. This is my last request, so if I do not respond to this, I will not be able to see them as family anymore.”

On the other hand, Park Soo-hong temporarily got off the SBS entertainment program ‘My Little Old Boy’ that appeared with his mother. MBN entertainment program ‘Dongchimi’, which Park Soo-hong has been in charge of, is scheduled to be recorded as scheduled on the 8th.

Photo| Star Today DB, Park Soo-Hong SNS
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