‘Dark Hall’ Lee Joon-hyuk “I felt attractive to the Jewish character that I saw after moving forward.”

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Lee Joon-hyuk will show another unlimited transformation through OCN’s “Dark Hall.”

OCN’s new Saturday and Sunday original “Dark Hall” (written by Jung Yi-do, directed by Kim Bong-joo, produced film star idol, co-produced Ascendio, 12 episodes) is a survival drama about mutants who drank black smoke from sinkholes and survivors. Lee Joon-hyuk plays the role of ‘Yoo Tae-han,’ a local Lexa driver. He will play as a “strong survivor who is not afraid of death” in Muji City, where he became a father of mutants who drank black smoke from the sinkhole.

Why did Lee Joon-hyuk, who has been loved by viewers through attractive transformation in many works, chose “Dark Hall” as his next film amid high expectations? Without hesitation, he said, “I liked games, movies, and dramas that usually feature Creature. In return for the characters, I wanted to take a hard road like them. But it wasn’t just because of the material. “A Jewish character who acts in person was more attractive than thinking.”

Yoo Tae-han seems like a “lool” who is easygoing and enjoys jokes and pranks, but actually has a stronger sense of justice than anyone else. So, Lee Joon-hyuk said, “I intended Yoo Tae-han to look like a trustworthy freak no matter what he does”, paying attention to details such as facial expressions, eyes, and styling for an attractive character with both composure and justice. He also raised expectations by saying, “I believed and did not spare my body,” about the increased number of action scenes as I fought for survival against the mutants.

Above all, ‘Dark Hall’ is in touch with reality in that it contains the struggles of ordinary people to regain their daily lives. In response, Lee Joon-hyuk also said, “I think everyone is doing their best in their respective positions. We are receiving a lot of support from those who overcome difficult situations.

“Dark Hall” is directed by Kim Bong-joo, who showed the essence of a chase thriller full of shock and twists through the movie “The Phone,” and written by Jeong Yi-do, who presented thrilling suspense with “Save Me 1” and “Other People Are Hell.” It will premiere on Saturday night at 10:30 p.m. on OCN.



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