Hong Jin-young, It’s too boring to do soul-searching!…She posted a controversial feed on her social media

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Has she really felt too boring to do soul-searching?

Hong Jin-young, who is doing soul-searching in controversy over thesis plagiarism, posted another post on social media, which is controversial. Some people say that they are ending their self-sufficiency and looking for a comeback.

Hong Jin-young posted a picture of the raining street on her Instagram on the 4th. Although she did not add any special explanation, there were also reactions that she seemed to have expressed her feelings at the moment.

The problem was my second post during my self-study period. Hong Jin-young was also accused of trying to determine the timing of the comeback by uploading a photo of the snowy night sky in February.

Earlier, in November of last year, Hong Jin-young was caught up in controversy about plagiarizing her master’s thesis at a university, and the Research Integrity Committee under the Chosun University Research Ethics Institute announced that it was judged as provisional plagiarism.

Hong Jin-young, who clarified “it is a quotation, not plagiarism,” immediately after the controversy arose, admitted to plagiarism, and apologized by posting a heartfelt post on social media.

Hong Jin-young said, “I also thought that if I returned my degree, I would just pass it over. I wasn’t familiar with it and I wasn’t like an adult.” “I will calm down and reflect on everything. I have been loved too much for what I have. In the future, I will take the time to quietly look back at me and repay the love I received by doing meaningful and good things.”


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