Lee Ha-ni, a bright dimpled smile like a spring day…’Suit Goddess’

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Lee Ha-ni wore a white suit and smiled brightly.

On the 6th, Lee Ha-Ni posted on her Instagram, “The sky. I posted an article and a photo titled “What about the weather these days? ♥ Bright and moist skin like a spring day.”

In the photo, Lee Ha-ni looks more lively in her white suit in front of a red background while shooting an advertisement. In the photo that follows, the building’s forest behind the window attracted attention by boasting an elongated face with a small face.

Netizens who saw this said, “I missed this smile! (You look so great with white suits!) Like today’s weather, maybe even more shining sister!♥”, “How ♥ will Lee Ha-ni smile be so pretty?”, “Ha-ni is much more lovely than the sky~”, etc.

On the other hand, Lee Ha-ni is filming the film ‘The Aliens’ (tentative title) directed by Choi Dong-hoon. ‘Alien’ is a series of acting actors including actors Ryu Jun-yeol, Kim Tae-ri, Jo Woo-jin, Kim Eui-seong, Yeom Jung-ah, So Ji-seop, and Yoo Jae-myeong.


Photo|Lee Ha Nui SNS
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