Lim Young-woong, Kim Ho-jung, Lee Chan-won, selected as donation angels for ‘Favorite Star Celeb’

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Popular trot stars Lim Young-woong, Kim Ho-jung and Lee Chan-won were selected as donation angels following March.

“Lim Young-woong, Kim Ho-jung, and Lee Chan-won ranked first, second, and third in the overall cumulative ranking of the Hall of Fame, which includes actors, singers and entertainment categories,” celebrity ranking service “Favorite Star Celeb” said on the 6th. This is the result of 100% of fans’ votes from March 7 to April 5.

Lim received overwhelming support with 2996 out of 3,000 points.
Recently, Lim Young-woong received more than 38 million views on YouTube on the stage of “A Story of an Old Couple in Their 60s,” which he sang enthusiastically on “Tomorrow is Mr. Trot.” The video, which was first released in February last year, is considered one of the legendary performances representing Lim Young-woong and is still popular.

Kim Ho-jung, who ranked second with 2,964 points, recently thanked Argentine pop artist Alejandro Vigilante, who made pop art works with his own appearance, through Instagram. The work, which was posted on Alejandro Vigilante’s official SNS in February, drew attention from fans by expressing the attractive appearance of Tvarotti Kim Ho-jung in a tuxedo.

Kim Ho-jung, who has served as a social service agent at a welfare agency in Seocho-dong, Seoul since September last year, will enter the Nonsan Army Training Center on the 1st and undergo three weeks of training before fulfilling his duty. On the same day, Kim Ho-jung headed to the training camp with Ari’s support. Kim Ho-jung, whose short hair is only cute, said on the fan cafe, “Awkward short hair~ Thank you for sharing everything. I’ll see you in good health in three weeks. I’ll be back safely.”

Lee Chan-won, who ranked third with 2939 out of 3,000 points, proved the stage master’s appearance by showing the power to make the “No No” and “Trace” stages sung in “Love Call Center” top 10 on YouTube’s hot issue chart. The stage, which features Lee Chan-won’s unique emotional expression, was loved by the fandom chance immediately after its release.

“Favorite Star Celeb” will select the first to third-place stars as donation angels and conduct subway CM board advertisements until the 5th of every month after counting the total cumulative scores including the results of the vote. Lim Young-woong, Kim Ho-jung and Lee Chan-won, who were selected as donation angels in April, will donate 500,000 won each to the Milal Welfare Foundation in their names to help support jobs for the disabled. Advertisements by Lim Young-woong, Kim Ho-jung and Lee Chan-won will be available at the express terminal station from April 15.

Meanwhile, Lee Min-ho, 2nd place Do Kyung-soo, 3rd place Hyun Bin, 1st place in entertainment show, Lee Seung-gi, 2nd place Jeon So-min, and 3rd place Yang Se-hyung.
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