Park Soo-hong sued his brother… The reason he did it to the prosecution, not the police

Park Soo-hong. Photo|Capture of MBC’Radio Star’ video

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

While broadcaster Park Soo-hong (51) sued his brother’s couple on charges of embezzlement, attention is drawn to why he filed a complaint with the prosecution.

Lawyer No Jong-un, a law firm in charge of acting law Park Soo-hong, said on the afternoon of the 5th, “We filed a complaint with the Seoul Western District Prosecutors’ Office on charges of violating the law on Park Jin-hong and his wife.”

Lawyer Nh said, “We delivered an agreement to divide the assets of both sides by 7:3 without any compensation for damage and to donate and serve together, but before the complaint, my brother showed no willingness to agree, so we officially filed the complaint.”

As Park Soo-hong predicted, the amount of embezzlement was assumed against the background of the lawsuit against the prosecution, not the police, while the court battle began.

Park Soo-hong has never accurately revealed the amount of embezzlement by his brother. However, the first disclosure on the YouTube channel “Black Cat Da-hong” run by Park Soo-hong said “more than 10 billion won” in the comments, which was speculated to be that large. “When Park Soo-hong belatedly checked his bank account and asset status, he confirmed that it was all in the names of his brother-in-law and his children,” the author said in a comment. The unpaid performance fee, including the down payment, is more than 10 billion won.

After the article was revealed, Park Soo-hong said on his social media on the 29th of last month, “It is true that he suffered financial damage in his relationship with his former agency.” He admitted to the alleged embezzlement of his brother and wife, but did not disclose the exact amount of damage.

The Criminal Procedure Act and the Public Prosecutors’ Office Act to adjust the investigative rights of the prosecution and police will take effect on January 1 this year, and the prosecution will directly investigate economic crimes such as fraud, embezzlement and breach of trust worth more than 500 million won. Fraud, embezzlement and breach of trust of less than 500 million won shall be filed with the police. Accordingly, Park reportedly filed a complaint with the prosecution against his brother and wife.

Park`s brother`s legal response also said, “The accounting problem can be solved by law. We will actively respond to the allegations of embezzlement by our brother, which is expected to be determined after a long battle in court.

After allegations of embezzlement of Park Soo-hong’s older brother were raised, his brother’s side and YouTube channel Garo Sero Research Institute  continued their exhibition of revelations about Park Soo-hong. Park Soo-hong’s brother claimed through a media outlet that “Park Soo-hong’s girlfriend was born in 1993, who owns an apartment in Sangam-dong where Park Soo-hong currently lives.”

After receiving the complaint, lawyer Noh Jong-eon said, “Park will take legal action against Park Soo-hong’s unilateral disclosure of his private life and to comply with the law without any response.” We will cooperate with the investigative agency’s investigation as sincerely as possible so that the substance of the case can be revealed properly, he said, signaling a tough response to unconfirmed rumors.

Meanwhile, Park Soo-hong temporarily dropped out of SBS’s “My Ugly Baby,” which starred with his mother. MBC’s “Radio Star,” which was recorded before the controversy, will air on the 7th. Attention is drawn to whether Park Soo-hong will talk about his family, including his own brother, as the trailer contains a confession that he “was hurt by saying, “I was hurt by people.”
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