Busan by-election counting broadcast, viewed as ‘KBS Busan’

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

The Busan Metropolitan Government will be able to watch the broadcast of the Busan mayoral by-election count through KBS’ Busan Broadcasting Corporation.

KBS Busan Broadcasting Corporation will broadcast its own broadcast of counting votes for the Busan mayoral by-election, which is as focused as the Seoul mayoral by-election held today (7th), live in Busan as well as across the country.

As the vote counting broadcast is held in Busan, it is expected to vividly convey the atmosphere of the site at outdoor studios in Gwangalli Beach and explain the change in election situation and Busan public sentiment in depth and easy to understand.

This counting broadcast is not only conducted by KBS Busan Broadcasting General Office on its own, but also presents new attempts beyond local broadcasting in all aspects, including format and contents.

First of all, the format will connect Yeouido Studio in Seoul, Seoul City Hall Outdoor Studio, KBS Busan Namcheon-dong Studio, Gwangalli Beach Outdoor Studio, and each political party to convey a lively scene. In particular, the outdoor studio set on Gwangan Bridge, a symbol of Busan, will present Busan’s beauty to viewers across the country along with the situation of counting votes. In addition, reporters deliver real-time public sentiment at polling stations and polling stations, tensions and cheers from each party through MNG.

In terms of content, it is the first time in Busan to analyze election results in a sophisticated and in-depth way using big data. It uses K-touch, which contains election results and big data over the past 20 years, to explain the change in the election situation and Busan public sentiment. In particular, Hwang Hyun-kyu, a K-touch expert, plans to broadcast three-dimensional counting through 10 different scenarios, including a comparison of voter turnout and support party changes in Busan’s past and elections. It also plans to look at the changes in pre-voting and the correlation between winning the election.

Announcer Cha Jae-hwan and announcer Park Ji-won will be the main MC of Gwangalli Outdoor Studio. Busan’s political journalist Noh Joon-chul will also appear in an outdoor studio.
Reporter Noh Joon-chul will deliver behind-the-scenes stories of closely covering the election campaign, on-site public sentiment, and fluctuating trends in the political landscape of Busan.

In addition, Jin Si-won, a professor of social education at Busan National University, and Nam Il-jae, a professor of social education at Dongseo University, will also participate to have in-depth talks on the outcome of the vote and future political reform in Busan.

The Busan mayoral by-election count will be broadcast locally for about 20 minutes on the 7th, 7 p.m., 9 p.m., and 11 p.m., respectively. At 8 p.m. and 10 p.m., it will be broadcast live nationwide through the connection with the vote counting broadcast at its headquarters.


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