‘Hello, Me!’ Eum Moon-seok breaks through crisis with press conference due to suspicion of abusing

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Eum Moon-seok, who faced crisis due to allegations of school violence, volunteers to hold a press conference to try to break through the crisis.

KBS2’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Hello, Me!” (playwright Yoo Song-yi, director Lee Hyun-seok, production Beyond J, and ace maker Movie Works), top star Sony (played by Eum Moon-seok), who was identified as a school violence perpetrator due to the revelation of victims who were killed by Iljin Yang Chun-sik in high school, will explain through a press conference.

Prior to the broadcast, the production team released a still picture of Sony at a press conference amid tension as the camera flash was baptized. In the picture, Sony is drawing attention by answering the allegations of school violence raised against him with sincerity, even though he can’t hide his sad expression.

Earlier, Sony was finally chosen as the main character in the next film of a famous drama writer who wanted to appear, burning his passion for a comeback. While conducting an exclusive interview ahead of the filming, he expressed his feelings that the sincerity of the acting worked, but the reporter who interviewed him revealed that he was damaged by Captain Yang Chun-sik as a high school student, putting Sony in a crisis.

In this regard, Sony’s agency family is pushing for an apology press conference and praying for the situation to calm down, and attention is being paid to what decision Sony will make in a huge storm.

In particular, Sony was pointed out in the past through a 17-year-old Hani (Yi-re). Attention is drawn to Sony’s actions to take on his fault, which he/she only looked back on after being identified as the perpetrator of the school violence.

The production team said, “The suspicion of school violence before the huge opportunity to emerge as a top star again embarrasses Sony, but it is at a crossroads to ask yourself questions for the first time in the past.”

Meanwhile, “Hello, Me!” is a fantasy-growing romantic comedy drama that comforts me every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 p.m. when I’m 17 years old, who was not afraid of anything in the world and was hot about everything.


Photo courtesy of Beyond J
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