Jang Young-ran, impressed by the first advertisement in her life “I was an ordinary housewife…”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Jang Young-ran was thrilled with her first commercial shoot.

Jang Young-ran said on Instagram on the 7th, “In fact, I was an ordinary housewife on the show. “I’m so grateful for the fixed one and I’m working hard, raising children, supporting them, and supporting them. I’m an ordinary housewife,” she said.

“I wasn’t greedy, actually. Greed doesn’t come unless it’s mine. He’s the only one who suffers. So I’m grateful for my life, and I live hard day by day, but I’m an ordinary housewife. “These days, many people congratulate me and cheer me on. I’m so thankful that I can experience only in my dreams.” “I’m so happy and thankful, and I’m so touched that I’m crying.”

Jang Young-ran expressed her feelings through SNS on the 5th, saying, “It is finally the first day of filming a commercial I’ve been waiting for.” Jang Young-ran, who has been receiving a lot of love through the web entertainment show “King Nego” recently, has even taken commercials thanks to her popularity.

Jang Young-ran said, “Today is an ordinary day, but let’s cheer up by dreaming of happy days that will come slowly. This time, it’s your turn,” she added, cheering for the fans.


Photo| Youngran Jang SNS
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