Park Soo-hong, home shopping appearance with a emaciated face…”I will live hard”

Park Soo-hong appeared on a live home shopping broadcast. Photo | Home and shopping video capture

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Park Soo-hong, 51, sued his brother’s couple for embezzlement, and appeared on the promised live home shopping broadcast with a depressed face. Park Soo-hong thanked again and again, saying, “I will live hard,” for the hot support of the viewers who showed them with super-fast selling out.

Park Soo-hong appeared in the home and shopping ‘Park Soo-hong Boneless Ribs Soup’, which was held from 9:45 pm on the 6th. With the schedule that was held before the controversy between the brothers and sisters, Park Soo-hong appeared to keep his promise even in the midst of mentally difficult. On this day, Park Soo-hong, who had lost 15 kg, was quieter than usual, but did his best by exchanging product descriptions with the show host .

Park Soo-hong introduced the product and said, “It is the 21st broadcast today. Please try it once and evaluate it.” “I thought I couldn’t eat it, but it’s so delicious.” In addition, “I will repay you by making a product that is good and recognized as the name suggests.” Please try it once. I am confident,” and shouted “Fighting” with the show host.

Park Soo-hong appeared on home shopping with a emaciated face after the controversy about embezzling his brother. Photo | Home and shopping video capture

As 13,000 sets of prepared products sold out quickly, Park Soo-hong said, “I will do my best. Thank you.” He said, “I live to be recognized by people, but as much as I am recognized, let’s repay them with a good and reliable product like the title. I made it really well that the song also follows the title according to the lyrics. Thank you so much for knowing. I will live hard.”

At the beginning of the broadcast, Park Soo-hong revealed a frustrating feeling when the show host said, “As soon as Park Soo-hong came, I asked for this to be wrapped.” In addition, after leaving the scheduled broadcast for about 25 minutes and selling it out, Park Soo-hong said, “I feel filled with my heart,” saying, “I am really encouraged. thank you. I will live hard.”

Park Soo-hong and my cat, Da-hong. Photo|Park Soo-Hong’s SNS

The suspicion of embezzlement by Park Soo-hong’s brother-in-law began on the 26th of last month from a comment from a netizen on the YouTube channel’Black Cat Dahong’ operated by Park Soo-hong. Netizen claimed that his brother-in-law managed Park Soo-hong’s performance fees and down payments for 30 years, and that the non-payment of the performance fees exceeded 10 billion won.

When this fact became known, Park Soo-hong posted on his Instagram on the 29th of last month, “It is true that he suffered financial damage in relation to his former agency. The agency has been operated under the name of my brother and sister-in-law,” he admitted to the fact of embezzling his brother. He added that he asked for a conversation with his brother, but he did not receive an answer for a long time.

However, public opinion about Park Soo-hong was followed by slander to expose Park Soo-hong’s private life, and it was even argued that the conflict between the family was erupted because of Park Soo-hong’s 1993-born girlfriend.

In response to various rumors, Park Soo-hong took out a legal response card. On the 5th, attorney Noh Jong-eon, a law firm in charge of Park Soo-hong’s legal representative, filed a complaint with the Seoul West District Prosecutors’ Office on charges of violating the law (embezzlement) against his brother Park Jin-hong and his spouse about aggravated punishment for specific economic crimes around 4 pm on the 5th.”

Despite the heartache caused by the embezzlement of his brother-in-law, Park Soo-hong digests the scheduled broadcast schedule. She got off temporarily in the SBS entertainment program ‘My Little Old Boy’ that appeared with her mother, but on the 8th, MBN ‘Dongchimi’ recording will be digested as scheduled. Also on the 7th, MBC ‘Radio Star’, a show that he recently participated in the recording, will be broadcast.

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