‘Spring Camp’ Kang Ho-dong → P.O, reveals the behind-the-scenes of the pre-meeting site

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

The behind-the-scenes still image of TVING’s original New Journey to the West special ‘Spring Camp’ (directors Na Young-Seok and Park Hyun-yong) has been released.

TVING original New Journey to the West special ‘Spring Camp’, which will be unveiled for the first time on May 7th (Fri), contains an episode of the members of ‘New Journey to the West’ leaving spring camping. In nature in spring, the New Journey to the West members will once again unfold, and the members’ natural moments, which have been breathing for eight seasons, as well as delicious foods and healing natural scenery are drawn, making them comfortable and pleasant. It is expected to bring laughter.

In the first teaser video released on the 2nd, the members of New Journey to the West who visited the TVING office before a new challenge at TVING were drawn. Tikitaka of the members who still boast a pleasant chemistry just by being together induces laughter and is good. Collected the reaction. Along with this, there is a lot of curiosity about what kind of story ‘New Journey to the West’, who has challenged OTT, will show.

In the behind-the-scenes still image of the pre-meeting site released today, members who are divided into OB team and YB team and are holding a meeting are peeked and attracted attention. The six members of the OB team, Kang Ho-dong, Lee Soo-geun, and Eun Ji-won, and the YB team Kyu-hyun, Song Min-ho, and P.O, are holding a friendly meeting without laughter, creating curiosity about what special plans they prepared for ‘Spring Camp’.

PD Park Hyun-yong, who was in charge of directing, said, “In ‘Spring Camp’, there will be another variation from the existing ‘New Journey to the West’. We are preparing special contents of New Journey to the West, which can only be found at TVING. We ask for your interest and expectation.” Saying that, more attention is paid to the ear.

TVING’s original New Journey to the West special ‘Spring Camp’ will be unveiled for the first time on Friday, May 7th.


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