[Exclusive] Marriage of 8ight Baekchan, his bride is an office worker 3-year-old younger than him

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Baekchan, 37, from the group 8eight, is getting married on the 24th of this month with an office worker at a large company.

Baekchan has been developing love for the past six years with an office worker working in a large corporation’s music production part for the past six years.

Considering the coronavirus era, weddings will not be held and will be replaced by family meals.

In a recent phone call with Maeil Business Daily Star Today, Baekchan expressed affection for the prospective bride, saying, “He is a bright, energetic, and laughable person who grew up with a lot of love.”

At the same time, he said that thanks to his bright and lovely girlfriend, there have been many changes in his life.

“Meeting this friend made me enjoy and brighten up a lot. The quality of my life has improved and I have become even more happier. The habit of becoming useless and serious has also disappeared. On the other hand, would my girlfriend have some sensitivity or sensitivity due to my influence? (laughs)”

The two people who first met while working on music six years ago have since built a friendship by working on various music pieces together. Baekchan told the story behind the relationship, “My girlfriend didn’t have any fantasies about these people, but rather hated them, but I followed them for about two months.”

While having a secret relationship with consideration for the office worker’s girlfriend, dating was commonplace. Baekchan said, “I had nothing to say about dating, so I had to eat, drink coffee, ride a bike and read books, but it was fun and fun to be together even if I didn’t do anything.”

What is the picture of a happy family he dreams of? Baekchan said, “I think it would be a good choice if I could walk through the park with both hands when I became gray hair.”

“I think I always imagined such a picture. It wasn’t what was important, it was just a matter of having two. It’s fun and good not to do anything, but I think I can do it in the future as I do now. I think the marriage partner is the best friend that lasts the longest.”

Baekchan is a member of Baekchan, a three-member mixed ballad group raised by Bang Si-hyuk, and was loved with numerous hit songs such as ‘I don’t have a heart, ‘Goodbye, my love’ and ‘I block those lips’.

He is also a star producer who wrote and composed more than 100 songs such as Davichi’s ‘Cry Again’, Hong Dae-kwang ‘I hope it goes well’, Son Ho-young ‘Only You’, Wendy’s ‘What If Love’, and OnlyOneOf ‘Sage/Salvation’.

He also showed off his first full album ‘BAEKCHAN 01’ after 13 years of debut last year, and proved his color as a vocalist rather than a rapper, demonstrating his ability as an all-round player.

Regarding his future plans for music activities, Baekchan said, “Last year, I went out to the ‘King of Mask Singer’ and said I would release a lot of albums in the future, but when I released the first album with difficulty, emptiness came.”


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