“Kim Young-cheol’s Power FM” Yeon Woo-jin “Actress IU, the rigidity of the inner felt.”

Woojin Yeon. Photo|Star Today DB

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘Kim Young-cheol’s Power FM’, Yeon Woo-jin expressed his feelings in collaboration with singer IU (Lee Ji-eun).

SBS Power FM “Kim Young-cheol’s Power FM”, which aired on the 8th, starred Yeon Woo-jin, the actor of the movie “Shades of the Heart” (director Kim Jong-kwan).

“In the movie, I am a novelist who came to Korea after a long time from abroad,” Yeon Woo-jin said of ” Shades of the Heart”. “It’s an omnibus movie that makes you change and create your own when you come back to Korea and meet many characters.”

“There is a story mainly about the mind. Death, loss, and everyone is experiencing lonely feelings in this era, and the story goes on as they confess such feelings. The movie will be consoled in this day and age.”

When asked how he felt working with IU, Yeon Woo-jin also said, “Of course, she was younger than me, but she was an actress who felt a lot stronger and stronger heart than me.”

“The voice tone is heavy and I definitely felt the firmness inside,” he said. “It’s definitely different. He’s also very artistic, and he’s really cool.”

On the other hand, ” Shades of the Heart” tells the story of a lost heart that Chang-seok, a novelist who returned to Seoul after seven years, met and broke up with anyone but no one.


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