Only One Of, a new challenge begins “K-pop texture and taboo break” [Comprehensive]

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Boy group Only One Of breaks the existing frame and appears in a new form.

On the 8th, on YouTube Only One Of’s official channel, a showcase to commemorate the release of the new album ‘Instinct Part.1’ was released. The event was held online to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Only One Of will return with the album ‘Instinct Part.1’ after 8 months of release at 6 pm on this day. The members said, “It’s a special album. Endless effort, challenge, and instinctive album” and “It contains a lot of sincerity and energy.”

Also, for this album, members said, “It is a cinematic album that contains the story in the album as if watching a movie. The revolution of the concept, the destruction of the taboo.” I had a lot of thoughts in order to pay for it.”

The title track is ‘libidO’, which means sexual instinct. Only One of is returning with a topic that is close to taboo for idols and putting the sexy in the foreground. The members said, “I have worked hard to break the formula of popular music. This song is at its peak.” He added, “It contains an impulsive, desire to hide emotion, and the more repressed, the greater and unconsciously attracted mind.”

It is a difficult topic to easily approach as an idol group. Why did you choose this topic? Only One Of said, “I tried to express the most basic part of human beings,” and “I was trying to try new things.”

Only One Of, which debuted in 2019, has been working tirelessly, returning from the previous album with an interval of about a month. This album had a long hiatus of 8 months for Only One Of. The members expressed this as a ‘long gap’ and expressed their desire to comeback quickly.

In particular, Leader Love made up his body by exercising during the eight-month hiatus. “I made a body for the concept,” said Love. “Among the members, I was in charge of the baby belly. I was a D-shape. After 20 years, I finally broke up with that friend.” He continued, “Nine and Junji received a great stimulus. I was in good shape, but I wanted to catch up with them, so I weighted 4 hours every day. I did 1500~200 abs exercises every day, and even after I finished my schedule at dawn, I slept.”

Love’s efforts can be met in the music video. Love said, “There is a dress change scene in the music video.” “When you look at the teaser, there is a scene where the legs come out. When you look at the camera composition, you are taking a picture of the body. So I hurried to exercise, gave strength to the body, and managed the facial expression. Only legs appeared in the teaser. I thought it would appear in the music video, but only legs appeared in the music video.” At the same time, he complained, “The members were monitoring. Couldn’t it be okay to tell me that about one person only took a leg?”

There was another episode related to the music video. Mill said, “Every moment and scene were fun,” he said, “and enjoying the dinner in the rain during the first filming.” “Originally, I was shooting while feeling the wind in Jeju Island. But it suddenly rained, so I had to do what to do. The cinematographer told me to do it while it was raining. I filmed it because I thought there would be more mood. I monitored it much more. He added, “Because it can contain pure sexy, I put on the first button well.”

As they prepared hard, the members’ expectations for this album are also high. The members said, “As it is a new challenge, we will show you the full resolution to your heart’s content. Because of my heart, I want to be number one on the billboard.” The members also listened to the new song, “The audience who listens to our album says ‘I like the song.’ Just knowing our challenges and experiments is a big achievement. I think it’s going to be a bigger achievement than our grades.”

‘Instinct Part.1’ will be released on the music site at 6 pm on this day.

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