‘Three Parks’ Park Chan-ho is surprised by Ji Jin-hee of ‘Golf Gentleman’ for his great ambition

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘Three Parks’, the match between Park Chan-ho and Ji Jin-hee have golf matches.

The result of a gentle golf match between Park Chan-ho and ‘Golf Gentleman’ Ji Jin-hee is revealed in MBC’s entertainment program ‘Three Parks: The Second Heart’ (Director Noh Seung-wook, Lee Min-ji, hereinafter ‘Three Parks’), broadcast at 9:10 pm on the 11th. Expectations are gathered when it is said that it is done.

Previously, Park Chan-ho was impressed by the warm attitude of Ji Jin-hee who cheered for his pro test, and expressed satisfaction, saying, “I think I have met a good friend of the soul” in his attitude of listening sincerely to even TMT talk. In the following golf competitions, they were enthusiastic, cheering for each other, and showed warmth, raising questions about who will be the winner of the golf competition.

Ji Jin-hee, who was not able to show his skills in the first half because it was the first time he played golf in front of the camera, took a break and sharpened his sword and entered the second half, saying, “The first half was an entertainment.”

Park Chan-ho is amazed at Ji Jin-hee, who starts to show off her real skills while exhaling the desire to compete with fireworks, while Ji Jin-hee sighs of relief and regains laughter, raising expectations for the sleazy game of golf gentlemen.

On the other hand, the famous baseball maniac Ji Jin-hee reveals his extraordinary passion for baseball. Park Chan-ho is surprised by his words that he practiced swinging three thousand times a day. Next, when Ji Jin-hee talked about her home run record in front of Park Chan-ho of ‘Korean Express’ and grabbed the wrinkles (?), Park Chan-ho wittily said, “You hit more home runs than me,” and the pleasant Tikitaka they will show is a pleasant laugh. Seems to give.

Meanwhile, ‘Three Parks’, which was specially planned for 10 episodes, left only two broadcasts, and next week, ‘Golf Empress’ Park Se-ri’s national treasure class golf class will be held, drawing attention to Park Chan-ho’s exciting pro test challenge until the end.

The ending of the gentle golf match between Park Chan-ho and Ji Jin-hee can be confirmed in MBC’s entertainment program ‘Three Parks’, which will be broadcast on the 11th at 9:10 pm.


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