Yang Joon-hyuk and Park Hyun-seon, sweat newlyweds

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Former baseball player Yang Joon-hyuk enjoyed a sweet date with his wife Park Hyun-seon.

On the 8th, Yang Joon-hyuk posted a photo on Instagram along with the article “Highly recommended for a must-visit place.”

In the photo, Yang Joon-hyuk and his wife Park Hyun-seon are having a good time in a botanical garden. Yang Joon-hyuk smiling brightly and Park Hyun-seon posing in front of a tree draw attention.

Yang Joon-hyuk added, “My girl and outing in front of the baobab tree. If you go with your family, the children will love it.”

Meanwhile, Yang Jun-hyuk married Park Hyun-seon, a 19-year-old younger public lover last month.


Photo| Joonhyuk Yang SNS
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