’30kg weight loss’ Don Spike is boasting his slim body in training clothes

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

Composer and singer Don Spike boasted a superior physical.

Don Spike posted on his Instagram on the 8th, “Good weather, good companion, good place. A good day to feel that there are many good things in the world” and several photos.

In the released photos, Don Spike poses against the backdrop of flowers and windmills. In particular, despite wearing a training suit, he caught attention by boasting an unusual proportion.

The netizens who saw this showed admiration reactions such as “You look cool”, “You are slim”, “You look better than before”.

Earlier, Don Spike gained a lot of attention by revealing that he lost 30kg through a diet in May of last year.

Meanwhile, Don Spike recently appeared on tvN entertainment program ‘On and Off’ to reveal her daily life. He is currently dating a non-celebrity.


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