‘I Live Alone’ Brave Brother was impressed by an interview with Brave Girls

‘I live alone’ brave brothers. Provided|MBC

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

On the 8th anniversary of ‘I Live Alone’, Brave Brother summoned as the protagonist of the 2nd special episode of ‘I’m glad to see you’ surprised the news of the Brave Girls’ comeback.

In MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’ broadcast on the 9th (director Heo Hang Kim Ji-woo), Brave Brother surprise the news of Brave Girls’ comeback.

Brave Brother visit a recording studio in full swing to prepare a new song for the Brave Girls. Brave Brother, who met with composers who are preparing a follow-up song with the aim of releasing a mini album for Brave Girls this summer, expressed their confidence, saying, “The game is over in just 10 seconds.”

The brave brothers, who are the ‘hit song vending machines’ in the name and reality, said, “I didn’t seem to give up,” and said that they expressed a one-sided affection for the Brave Girls.

Also, Brave Brother participate in a joint interview with the Brave Girls. The brave brothers say, “Would you like to give up your child?”

Through a joint interview, Brave Brother raised his curiosity because they recalled the Brave Girls’ newcomer days, which had not been noticed, and confessed honest backstory to the questions of the Brave Girls members.

Brave brother who finished the interview in a friendly atmosphere. The Brave Girls’ popularity raises questions about what the final goal of the brave brothers, who even got the title of ‘Father of the Myth of Running Reverse’, will be.

The meeting between the brave brothers who caused the myth of running backwards and the Brave Girls can be confirmed through ‘I Live Alone’ broadcasted on the 9th.


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