Kang Ho-dong, president of ‘Jobdongsan’ completely transformed… Eunhyuk and Seung-kwan’s mischief confrontation

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Channel S’s opening program, “Jobdongsan,” dealt with an interesting world of jobs from the first episode, marking a smooth start by capturing both entertainment originality, job exploration and fun. Kang Ho-dong, the president of Jobdongsan, and Eunhyuk & Seung-kwan, the broker, gave comfortable and enjoyable performance to meet men and women with their children’s eye-level hosting and reactions.

Channel S’s new entertainment program “Jobdongsan” (produced by SMC & C STUDIO, directed by Cho Hyun-jung) first aired on the 8th showed Kang Ho-dong, Eun-hyuk, and Seung-kwan introducing two jobs to children who visited JOB.

“Jobdongsan” is a talk show about job openings for kids with a variety of professionals who permeate their lives to introduce their jobs directly and to get fun and information while trying to win children’s hearts. Kang Ho-dong will be the president of Jobdongsan, while Eunhyuk of Super Junior and Seung-kwan of Seventeen will be together as Job brokers.

In a Jobdongsan under the theme of “Joy,” Eunhyuk introduced a toy review creator with “Joy to Play,” and Seung-kwan introduced a snack developer with “Joy to Eat.” Job owners welcomed Kang Ho-dong, Eunhyuk, Seung-kwan and children at the role model house, which reproduced the working space.

Snack developer Shin Nam-sun, director of the snack development team of “Hit Snack Maker,” the country’s first four-layer snack maker with cumulative annual sales of 150 billion won, while toy review creators worked hard to attract children’s customers by appealing their job strengths.

Children’s guests also had valuable job experiences such as solving questions about snack development and toy reviews through job owners, making snacks or unboxing toys. In the official question and last job appeal of “Jobdongsan,” Shin Nam-sun, a snack developer, emphasized “The snack developer will be responsible for pleasure in 20 years,” and “The creator will be the world class in 20 years.”

The final choice of a children’s guest was a three-to-two snack developer. Eun-hyuk, who failed to mediate between the two, was punished by Seung-kwan, who made his first performance, with a water gun baptismal penalty, and even shot the children’s customers’ taste in laughter.

On the same day, Kang Ho-dong, the president of Jobdongsan, wooed children with his voice and reactions tailored to the level of children’s customers. In particular, children’s guests laughed their heads off at the comical appearance of Kang Ho-dong while unboxing toys.
K-POP stars Eunhyuk and Seung-kwan, who turned into Job brokers, were humiliated in front of their children, causing a salty smell, but they gave them a lot of fun by meddling in the job and keeping their opponents, signaling the birth of an irreplaceable entertainment bro.

From the oldest 13-year-old actor Kim Kang-hoon to the youngest 9-year-old Seo Ji-yu, whose taste is firm, the five children’s guests caught the eye with their own charm. 10-year-old Kim Min-chan, who dreams of becoming an idol, pointed out the dance to Eun-hyuk, the main dancer of Super Junior, and overwhelmed the audience with a “kang” dance with a lively expression. 11-year-old Park Chae-yoon and Lee Yu-rim, who are the same age as 11 years old, drew realistic responses from their uncles with clean reactions without MSG, raising expectations for future “Jobdongsan”.


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