‘Mokbang Fairy’ Kim Min-kyung, the best tips to eat jajangmyeon deliciously? (‘I live alone’)

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Kim Min-kyung reveals tips for eating jajangmyeon deliciously.

MBC entertainment program ‘I Live Alone’ (planning Ahn Soo-young, director Heo Hang, Kim Jiwoo), broadcast at 11:05 pm today (9th), reveals a special cooking recipe of ‘Mokbang Fairy’ Kim Min-kyung.

Kim Min-kyung, who watched her favorite soap opera all night (?), started  cooking a special breakfast like a ‘Mokbang fairy’. While the kitchen is full of fried ASMR like white noise, Kim Min-kyung presents a new concept of tempura recipe, raising questions about what the unique tempura recipe named ‘Moonsun Tteok’ will be.

Kim Min-kyung also challenges the ‘Cherry Blossom Egg Roll’, which is filled with spring to be served with ‘Moonsun Tteok’. Kim Min-kyung, who carefully poured the egg whites and put a pink-flowered sausage to mark the ‘Cherry Blossom Egg Roll’, is a message that he made a realistic egg roll that is different from the ideal.

From early in the morning, Kim Min-kyung, who completed a classic breakfast table with makgeolli, with unidentified (?) ‘Moonsun-deok’ and ‘Cherry Blossom Egg Roll’, is planning to show a storm eating room that induces the viewers’ mouth-watering.

In addition, Kim Min-kyung, who visited the weekend farm with seniors and juniors , Oh Nami and Song Byung-cheol, ordered jajangmyeon after labor to have a honey-flavored meal. Kim Min-kyung, who took out the ingredients of the spleen from her pocket before eating Jajangmyeon, said, “This is the best chopsticks,” and said that he gave tips on how to eat Jajangmyeon more deliciously.

‘Mokbang Fairy’ Kim Min-kyung’s special breakfast drink and jajangmyeon eating tips can be found through ‘I Live Alone’, which is broadcast on the 9th.


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