‘Mouse’ Lee Seung-gi turns into a psychopath-catching killer? ‘Blood Ending’

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

“After all, you’ll kill your family and loved ones.”

“Mouse” Lee Seung-gi has caused an all-time crisis with a “bloody ending” in which he attacks with an empty look again.

The 11th episode of tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Mouse,” which aired at 10:30 p.m. on April 8, recorded an average of 5.7% for households in the metropolitan area, a maximum of 6.5%, an average of 5.4%, and a maximum of 5.9% for households nationwide. In addition, the 2049 ratings of men and women, which are targets of tvN, recorded 3.0% on average, 3.5% on the Seoul metropolitan area, 3.4% on the nationwide average, and 3.7%, again topping all channels at the same time including terrestrial channels. (Based on paid platform integrated with cable, IPTV and satellite/ Provided by Nielsen Korea)

Jung Ba-reum (Lee Seung-gi) confessed to killing Woo Hyung-chul (Song Jae-hee) in the drama, but the scene of the incident was neatly arranged as if nothing had happened, and Woo Hyung-chul’s body disappeared.
At that time, Woo Hyung-chul’s cell phone location was identified, and CCTV analysis found Woo Hyung-chul dressed in the same clothes as he did at the time of the incident, but Jung Ba-reum suddenly recalled the memory of killing his own bird.

As soon as Jung Ba-reum tried to turn himself in again, his cell phone rang, and the man in the phone asked him why Woo Hyung-chul’s body disappeared, and he said he would give a clear answer to everything. Soon after, Daniel Lee (Cho Jae-yoon), who was known to have been killed by Sung Yo-han (Kwon Hwa-woon), appeared, and Jung Ba-reum was stunned. Daniel Lee warned that the frontal lobe of St. John, the killer, had eroded much of his brain, awakened the inherent urge to kill as if he were switched on by killing him, and that time would worsen.

“Why don’t we solve the murder instinct that’s already woken up?” Daniel Lee said, offering an unexpected offer to kill Predator, the top 1% psychopath, just as he killed Woo Hyung-chul. Nevertheless, when Jung Ba-reum did not give up her intention to turn herself in, Daniel Lee froze her with a cool look, saying, “I like you to listen to me,” and an appalling warning, “Otherwise you will end up killing your family or the person you love.” As Danielly said, Jung Ba-reum, who was suffering from a murder impulse that intensified over time, tested Daniel Lee to see if he could find a real Predator by taking several toothbrushes with saliva from sex offender Kang Deok-soo (played by Jung Eun-pyo). Daniel Lee, who picked out Kang Deok-soo’s toothbrush in a short time, warned that “the Predator must cause the same crime once it has committed a crime,” and that it should be stopped in a hurry.

Later, while Ko Moo-chi (Lee Hee-jun) was imprisoned for wielding violence against Kang Deok-soo, who approached Oh Bong-yi (Park Joo-hyun), Jung Ba-reum, who went to punish Kang Deok-soo, wrote a suicide note and sent him to the emergency room. While everyone was in chaos, Kang Deok-soo cut off his electronic anklet, left the police’s eyes out, and ran away. When Oh Bong-yi confirmed the circumstances in which Kang Deok-soo attracted Yuna pretending to be him, he realized that Kang Deok-soo’s goal was Yuna from the beginning, and was overwhelmed with extreme fear.

On his way to find Kang Deok-soo, who kidnapped Yuna, found Kang Deok-soo in the rain forest, and tried his best to prevent Yuna from suffering the same damage as herself, but it was not enough. When Oh Bong-yi was slowly losing consciousness after missing Kang Deok-soo’s pants dance, Oh Bong-yi had a mysterious shadow in front of him. Jeong Bae-reum, who appeared, looked down at Oh Bong-yi with an empty look, hit something on the floor without mercy, and dragged a wire through the forest, creating tension in her hair.

Then, Ko Min-chi was released through a statement from Kang Deok-soo’s mother, who proved his innocence, and was in a car accident while running at full speed to find Oh Bong-yi, and collapsed after being attacked by someone in the back of his head. The expectations for the next round of the game, who the man who attacked the rubber tooth might be and what the intentions might be, were amplified.

After the broadcast, viewers said, “Lee Seung-gi’s expression acting changes every time he divides himself is really scary.” “Please make Moo-chi and Bong happy.” “I’m angry and sad, and then I’m completely involved in the story.” An hour’s rush.” “Who said that, and why didn’t Daniel die? There’s no end to the twist!” “I’m dying to know. I’ll be waiting until next week.”

Meanwhile, the 12th episode of tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Mouse” will air at 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday.



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