‘Park Joo-ho’s wife’ Anna, two sons and cherry blossom date…Where is Na Eun?

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

The wife of a soccer player Park Joo-ho (Suwon FC), Anna, had a cherry blossom outing with her sons Gun-hoo and Jin-woo.

On the 9th, Anna posted on her Instagram, “I think the last flower has fallen. What are the small changes you made to be more environmentally friendly? Thank you for the photo”.

In the photo, Gun-hoo and Jin-woo are stuck next to theirmother, Anna. Gun-hoo are wearing Hanbok, is wearing Hanbok. The three are enjoying a leisurely in a pavilion full of cherry blossoms.

After seeing this, Jang Ye-won left a comment saying, “Lovely babies ♥♥♥”.

Netizens responded in various ways, such as “How are you so slim?”, “Evil is so lovely”, “Small and precious Gun-hoo, Jinwoo, Anna”, “Ah, look at you took off your shoes after drying ♥♥”, “Where’s Na-eun?”, etc.

Park Joo-ho and Anna’s family are loved by appearing on KBS2’s entertainment program ‘The return of Superman’.


Photo|Anna SNS
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