Park Ki-young established her own agency… New song ‘I’m not okay’ comeback

Park Ki-young’I’m Not OK’. Provided by | Eliya Company

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Musician Park Ki-young establishes a solo agency and begins her full-fledged activities.

Park Ki-young released a new song ‘I’m not OK’, earlier today (9th). This new song is the first song released by Park Ki-young after the establishment of the solo agency Eliya Company earlier this year. Park Ki-young has been involved as a producer on her album since her 3rd regular album, but this is the first time he has directly directed the entire process of not only music but also album production.

This new song ‘I’m Not Okay’ is a song that expresses the frustrating feeling of COVID-19 in a paradoxically bright tempo. The upbeat upbeat and straightforward lyrics were completed with Park Ki-young’s soulful and energetic voice. In particular, the magnificent chorus recorded by Park Ki-young over 60 tracks allows you to experience a feeling of liberation that seems to pierce your frustrating heart.

‘I’m Not Okay’ was written and composed by Park Ki-young, and producer Baek Joong-hyun (Brandon Paik) participated in the arrangement. In addition, Marcus Worship’s producer and guitarist Lim Sun-ho participated in the guitar. The music video was directed by Park Ki-young and STAY GOLD director No Jin-woo, who has been working together since 2017’Lie’. Park Ki-young played 3 roles per person in the music video for ‘I’m Not Okay’ and performed a hot role.

Park Ki-young’s agency Eliya Company said, “’I’m Not OK’ is a song that contains Park Ki-young’s will and responsibility in the entire production process as well as music. I said.

Park Ki-young, who started her career as a solo agency, is predicting active activities after the release of the sound source for ‘I’m Not OK’. She will appear on KBS2’s ‘Immortal Song-Ha Deok-gyu edition’, broadcast on the 10th, and will have a joint stage with Forte di Quattro at the festival ‘Five First Resons’ on May 7th. In addition, they plan to participate in the album ‘Mother Project’ planned by singer-songwriter Cho Dong-hee, and participate in the album ‘I’ll Protect You’ to prevent child abuse with Kim Hyun-cheol and Hong Kyung-min.

Meanwhile, Park Ki-young will be holding an Contactless Live to commemorate the release of the new song ‘I’m Not Okay’ through the official Instagram and YouTube Park Ki-young channel at 7 pm on the 11th.

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