‘Those Who Cross the Line’ broadcasting resumes… Jeon Hyun-moo “I want to study together for a lifetime”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Jeon Hyun-moo showed his affection for “Those Who Cross the Line”.

MBC’s entertainment program “Those Who Cross the Line” is drawing attention from viewers as it announced its comeback with a new season in late April. “Those Who Cross the Line”, which successfully made three consecutive seasons, received positive responses from viewers by telling the story of a history that could be felt difficult. Despite the entertainment battle, the ratings continued to rise steadily and recorded a maximum of 8.6% (based on the national and Nielsen Korea), leading to a solid support base and becoming Korea’s representative historical entertainment.

The newly returned “Those Who Cross the Line” are raising expectations even more as it heralded the spectacular birth of a history extension. By attaching the subtitle “Master-X,” it added the meaning of mastering history in a wider and deeper way by expanding the line of knowledge into various fields.

Above all, Jeon Hyun-moo and Kim Jong-min and Yoo Byung-jae, regular members of “Those Who Cross the Line”, are the most delighted with the news of the new season and are said to have expressed their active commitment to a learning trip. Kim Jong-min, who is famous for his love of history, said, “I am still thirsty for history. I missed you so much. He expressed his passion for “I want to study with the fairies for the rest of my life,” and Jeon Hyun-moo, a self-proclaimed “knowledge hunter,” said he felt that he felt the vacancy of the fairies and even traveled alone.

Interest in Shim Yong-hwan, the newly joining ‘history master’, is also high. Shim Yong-hwan is a “history rising teacher” who is drawing attention, and is expected to make a learning trip for “the fairies” based on his knowledge of history.

In addition, experts representing each field will join as “Unknown Master-X” to showcase collaboration in history and various fields.

The production team said, “Jeon Hyun-moo, Kim Jong-min, and Yoo Byung-jae, who went on a learning trip after a long time, finished their first filming by showing off their love for history.” All the members talked together to show their expectations for the new season and showed fantastic teamwork, and said, “Please look forward to the new member, who will return to the upgraded chemistry with history master Shim Yong-hwan and “unknown master-X.”

Meanwhile, a new history tour of “Those Who Cross the Line”, which expanded its knowledge in various fields, will premiere in late April.


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