WeGirls recruited new members Kim Byul-chi, Do Ha-yoon, and Kimi

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group WeGirls recruits new members and accelerates their activities.

Aftermoon Entertainment, the agency of WeGirls, drew attention by revealing the newly joined members, foretelling the new charm of WeGirls.

The photos released by Aftermoon Entertainment contain the appearances of new members Kim Byul-chi, Do Ha-yoon, and Kimi, who are showing off their charms, and are looking forward to seeing what kind of activities they will show in the future.

Aftermoon Entertainment said, “We have confirmed Kim Byul-chi, Do Ha-yoon, and Kimi as the new members of WeGirls. As WeGirls is a project-oriented group that shows a variety of concepts through recruiting new members, we ask for your expectation and interest.”

WeGirls, who is attracting attention every time by selecting new members with talent as well as visuals with a rider system, debuted with the single ‘On Air’ in 2018, and then ‘Ride’ and ‘Heartbeat’, ‘Hello, Christmas’, etc.

WeGirls, who will fascinate fans with their grown-up appearance, will continue to meet the public through various broadcasting activities.


Photo l Aftermoon Entertainment

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