Davichi, today (12th) release a new single, ‘Just hug me’

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Davichi (Kang Min-kyung, Lee Hae-ri) returns with a mature sensibility.

Davichi is releasing a new digital single ‘Just Hug Me’ through an online music site before 6 pm on the 12th.

Davichi’s new single ‘Just Hug Me’ is a song that contains the lyrics that I hope you will warmly hug you with a loving heart without any excuses or words at the moment we meet again after a breakup. Lovers, broadly the regret, sincerity, and change of mind felt after a break in human relations can be honestly expressed to draw empathy with many people. Kang Min-kyung and Lee Hae-ri directly participated in the lyrics.

In particular, Davichi’s proprietary medium ballad’s unique lightness, lyrical melody, musical instrument melody, and Davichi’s deep and refreshing vocals are all contained in the song.

‘Just hug me’ is a scene that Davichi released in December 2019, released in December of 2019, after ‘To My Long Lover’ after 1 year and 4 months. During their hiatus, Davichi has continued to make musical strides by participating in popular drama OSTs such as ‘Crash Landing on Love’, ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’, ‘Startup’ and the 30th anniversary of Kim Hyun-sik’s dedication album ‘Make Memories’.

After their debut, Davichi, who have consistently released a number of hit songs and have firmly maintained their position as ‘strongest player in sound source’ and ‘strongest female duo’, is planning to give the public a more warm and mature sensibility through this new release.


Davichi. Photo l Stone Music Entertainment

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