Eun Ga-eun “The late Shin Hae-cheol took care of me like my dad”

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Eun Ga-eun shared her special relationship with the late Shin Hae-cheol.

MBC Every1’s ‘Video Star’, which airs on the 13th, will be featured in the Mistrot 2 TOP7 special’Yesterday’s Miss Trot! Today, a video star!’, Yang Ji-eun, Hong Ji-yoon, Kim Tae-yeon, Kim Eui-young, Byul Sarang, and Eun Ga-eun will show off their colorful charms of 6 members.

Eun Ga-eun has a history of winning the 2007 MBC music contest program ‘Showvival’. She confessed that she started her career as a trainee at the call of Shin Hae-cheol, who was a judge at the time. Eun Ga-eun also showed tears as she recalled Shin Hae-cheol, who took care of herself like her father, who secretly provided pocket money at the time. Regarding the misconception that the public is using Shin Hae-cheol for her popularity, she said, “People don’t care about the relationship between me and Shin Hae-cheol’s strong relationship.”

Meanwhile, by revealing the past, which was a talented singer on this day, everyone’s curiosity was raised. She dominated the stage through various competitions since junior high school, but she had to give up hEr vocal music after challenging her until the preliminary entrance exam. Eun Ga-eun will show her hidden vocal skills without regret by singing the high-difficulty song ‘Aria, Queen of the Night’, which is famous for tremendous treble and skill among the opera ‘Magic Flute’ on the air.

Eun Ga-eun’s honest talk and charm can be seen at MBC Every1 ‘Video Star’ on April 13th at 8:30 pm.

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