‘Go Eun-ah’s younger brother’ Mir, after talking about money with her mother… “I feel like I’m walking in distress”

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Mir (real name Bang Chul-yong), from the group MBLAQ, shared his daily life after talking about money.

On the 12th, Mir said on her Instagram with a photo, “The way to talk about money with my mother and going to exercise. Why does it feel like I’m walking in distress.. #Bangane #Bangaji #Emblec #Mir #A+” was posted.

In the released photo, Mir is wearing an all-black sweatshirt and staring at a different place than the camera. With his hands together, he looks depressed.

In another photo, Mir is on the way to an exercise in an apartment complex.

The netizens who saw this said, “Your back muscles are cool”, “Good Guy Bang Mir ♥”, “But he’s so honest ㅋㅋ He talked about money with his mother. Good son, Mir, who gave 300,000 won to her mother after selling all the music equipment when it was difficult…♥”, “Don’t get frustrated! You can do it~”, “If I talk to my mom and money, I do too.” They showed sympathy and cheering reactions.

Meanwhile, Mir is running a YouTube channel ‘Bangane’ with her older sister, actor Go Eun-ah (real name Bang Hyo-jin). It is loved by many for its furry and honest charm that is not a celebrity. Currently, the number of subscribers is 650,000.


Photo|Mir SNS
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