Han Ye-seul, exposed behind the scenes

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

A pictorial that gives a glimpse of Han Ye-seul’s summer fashion, a unique fashion icon, has been released.

Through the magazine ‘First Look’ published on the 15th, Han Ye-seul presented a summer fashion story as a muse of The AtG, which proposes a trendy yet comfortable style. You can get a glimpse of Han Ye-seul’s daily real-way styling and bold runway look, who reigned as the queen of various advertisements while receiving constant love calls from high fashion. With just a proud expression, make-up, lovely smile and hair styling, the extreme charms have emanated from endless charms.

In particular, the new dressing method of one end difference, which boldly directs trendy summer fashion items as if they are comfortable, stands out. Wearing a bright red red linen dress like a robe, matching white sleeveless tee and denim pants to enjoy comfort, and styling a long linen jacket with a micro mini skirt suggested a sensuous office look. It adds a fresh edge to basic items. It showed the essence of a sensational mix and match with a cropped top with a clear back on the summer wide pants, and a casual training pants with an elegant knitwear. In addition, the edge summer outfit, armed with a trendy and impactful design, was fully digested, revealing a stylish charm.

Han Ye-seul has been selected and active as a new model for CJ O Shopping’s leading fashion brand The Edge since spring 21. The Edge presents a variety of styles from casual look to formal look with the concept of styling today in a comfortable and trendy way.

Han Ye-seul’s more diverse pictorial can be found in No. 217 of the magazine ‘First Look’ published on April 15th.


PhotoㅣFirst Look Magazine (1stLook)

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