Momoland’s ‘BBoom BBoom’ MV exceeded 500 million views [Official]

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

The music video for group Momoland’s hit song ‘BBoom BBoom’ exceeded 500 million views.

Momo Land’s ‘BBoom BBoom’ music video surpassed 500 million views on YouTube around 7 am on the 12th, proving unchanging global popularity.

Momoland’s third mini-album ‘GREAT!’, released on January 3, 2018, has stayed at the top of various music charts for more than 6 months, causing a worldwide boom. With this song, Momoland won a total of 7 No. 1 trophies in each broadcasting company’s music program, and became a leading global group.

In particular, ‘BBoom BBoom’ is the first album released in Korea in 2018, with a record of 100 million views, ranked 1st in the ‘2018 Most Popular Videos’ category, 3rd in the ‘2018 Most Popular Music Videos’ category, and YouTube Music Chart in Korea. It has set unprecedented new records such as 1st place in the ‘TOP Artists’ category and the ‘Best K-pop Song of 2018’ selected by Soompi on the K-pop chart.

In addition to the ‘BBoom BBoom’ music video that recorded 500 million views, Momo Land’s ‘BBoom BBoom’ choreography video, ‘BAAM’ music video and choreography video, and the ‘Banana Chacha’ music video all exceeded 200 million views. It has a billion views breakthrough video.

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