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[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Expectations for the comeback of talented singer-songwriter Dvwn are rising.

On the 14th, Dvwn will release his second mini-album ‘it’s not your fault’. It is the second mini-album released after two years and five months after the first mini-album ‘panorama’ in November 2018, and the first mini-album released after joining KOZ Entertainment in 2019.

In the meantime, Dvwn left a strong impression through the ‘Dvwn Defibrillation’ series filled with his own song, including the title song ‘About Being Left’ of ZICO’s first studio album ‘THINKING’ Part.2.

As a new singer-songwriter, he showed off his musical competence by participating in a number of songs such as Eric Nam ‘Love Yourself’, EXO Chanyeol ‘Spring Summer Fall Winter (SSFW)’, Kang Daniel ‘Adulthood’, and GFriend ‘Dreamcatcher’. I pointed out why I’m looking forward to Dvwn’s new album.

#Dvwn’s empathy and comfort

The new mini-album name ‘it’s not your fault’ is the famous ambassador of the movie ‘Good Will Hunting’, and in this album, Dvwn contains the process of confronting memories of the past, such as love and separation, memories and pain, pain and patience. He plans to deliver a message of sympathy and consolation through the image of a speaker who grows up from mistakes and mistakes, such as hurting someone or getting hurt.

Dvwn taps the hearts of listeners with her own genuine lyrics and warm melody through a new mini-album that heralds a different charm from the ‘Dvwn Defibrillation’ series that contains the serene yet delicate sensibility of Dvwn.

# Compose all 8 songs… Musical evolution notice

This album includes the title song ‘Yeonnam-dong (Feat. lIlBOI)’, ‘dot.’, ‘Humming (Feat. CHE)’, ‘Hostel (Feat. jane)’, ‘BADKID!!!’, ‘Name (Feat. lIlBOI)” Kwon Jin-ah)’, ‘HOME’, and ‘Mirror’ are included in total, and Dvwn proves his musical evolution by participating in the composition of all the songs included.

In addition, in ‘it’s not your fault’, Starship X’s dress, glowingdog characterized by a clear view of art, no2zcat, brightenlight, DUNK, m/n, etc., which have been breathing for a long time with Dvwn, participated in the production and raised the degree of completion.

#Gorgeous Collaboration members… Synergy expectation

He collaborated with great singers. After rapper Lilboy was named in the title song ‘Yeonnam-dong’ featuring, singer-songwriters Kwon Jin-ah, CHE, and jane also started shooting for support.

Smooth, addictive reel rookie singer song that received Kwon Jin-ah, noted the recent critics of the deep emotions from the show writer wrapped in CHE, IU “turning the song (Feat. DEAN) ‘and EXO Kai ‘Mmmh’, and jane, who participated in the work of Byun Baek-hyun’s song ‘Bungee’, is drawing attention to the special synergy that will be achieved with Dvwn.

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