Choi Baek-ho “I wrote ‘When I’m older’ lyrics, thinking Lee Mook-won and Gang Boo-ja”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Choi Baek-ho said that he wrote ‘When I’m older’, thinking of Lee Mook-won and Gang Boo-ja.

In the ‘Tuesday Invitational’ of KBS1’s ‘Morning Yard’ aired on the 13th, actor Gang Boo-ja appeared for 60 years of acting life.

Gang Boo-ja mentioned about the song ‘When I’m older’, Choi Baek-ho made, and Choi Baek-ho appeared as a surprise guest.

Choi Baek-ho wrote about ‘When I’m older’, I made it while thinking about Gang Boo-ja and her husband. ‘Will I get lost and wander even if I hold my hand tight?’, and I wrote the lyrics reminiscent of the appearances of Lee Mook-won and When I’m older. Personally, I am very honored to receive the song I made by myself, not by anyone else, but by Gang Boo-ja.”

When asked about the recording time, Gang Boo-ja said, “I heard that I came home and practiced a few times, but they told me to come out to practice. When I went out and practiced, they told me to go. I just practiced today and asked when I was going to record it, and they said it was done.”

Choi Baek-ho said, “Singers also have such a case. It might be better if you recorded it as a practice. If not that day, I tried to catch another day, but he made it easy.” Also, Gang Boo-ja said, “I like all the songs of Choi Baek-ho. I want to take it all away.”

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