‘Daebak Real Estate’ Jang Nara, Jung Yonghwa, three points to watch the first episode

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

“Daebak Real Estate” has unveiled a “point of watching” where viewers’ hearts are bound to be mortgageed.

KBS2’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Daebak Real Estate” (played by Ha Soo-jin, Lee Young-hwa, directed by Park Jin-seok, produced by Monster Union, and May Queen Pictures) is a life-friendly drama in which an exorcist team up with an exorcist.

Daebak Real Estate, which is drawing keen attention through teaser, posters and preview videos released earlier, is drawing keen attention as a real yolk drama with different classes, announcing an overwhelming visual full of mystery and a tsunami of hidden emotions. In this regard, we summarized “No.3,” the point of watching “Daebak Real Estate,” which will open the new world of “K-Occult” dramas.

◆ Points to Watch One, Unique Composition-Gam Teamwork

“Daebak Real Estate” solves the stories related to real estate against the backdrop of exorcism, achieving the right coexistence of chills and humanism.
Author Ha Soo-jin, Lee Young-hwa, Jung Yeon-seo, and director Park Jin-seok, who are united in the broadcasting station “Let’s show sympathetic fun and emotion,” give off strong synergy with “an extraordinary work-gam chemistry.” Director Park Jin-seok, who was a screenwriter and showed sensual visuals in “School 2017”, “Naked Fireman” and “The Tale of the Bookworm” with excellent imagination, close development, and delicate touch, will present a work like Oasis to the home theater.

◆ Unexpected transformation of point 2, Jang Na-ra & Jung Yong-hwa

“Daebak Real Estate” is already called a “prepared acting restaurant” with actors of both high quality acting and individuality, led by Jang Na-ra and Jung Yong-hwa. In particular, Jang Na-ra and Jung Yong-hwa, who are recognized for their solid acting skills, are making drastic changes that do not spare themselves, signaling the change of life characters. Jang Na-ra, the epitome of loveliness, will play the role of Hong Ji-ah, an exorcist armed with a cold-hearted force, and will perform sharp charisma, high-level action, and heartbreaking emotional acting. In addition, Jung Yong-hwa, who will return to the small screen after four years, is transformed from the standard of “Kkotminam,” proving his broad acting spectrum as an exorcist and the chosen Young-mae Oh In-beom.

◆ Point of view 3, rich attractions

“Daebak Real Estate” begins its narrative with a special setting of “specialized in the sale of haunted houses,” as it is titled, and presents a unique “life-friendly occult” drama that connects fantasy and reality.

In addition, the exorcism site and Bing’s exorcism action are added to show a wealth of attractions. CG, which will power the beautiful video, will be in charge of “Hotel Del Luna”, “Memories of the Alhambra Palace” and “Train to Busan” and will present colorful visuals with cool eyes. In addition, Jang Na-ra and Jung Yong-hwa, who have been training enthusiastically even before filming, will show “The Ejection of Bing” to deliver a refreshing catharsis.

The production team said, “Daebak Real Estate will show 200% of empathy with the real estate craze,” and added, “Please watch the first episode of Daebak Real Estate, which will create fun for deep stories, sensual videos, and prominent characters that exceed the limits of occult dramas.”

“Daebak Real Estate” will premiere at 9:30 p.m. on April 14.


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