Jang Seong-gyu’s love of his child “Oh, are you eating recorder?”

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Jang Seong-gyu released his second son’s photo.

On the 13th, Jang Seong-gyu posted an article on his Instagram along with the video, “Oh, are you eating recorder? # Edible recorder”.

In the video, the second son, Ye-jun, is blowing the recorder with a small mouth. The filthy appearance as if eating a recorder aroused the laughter of netizens.

Netizens said, “Ye-jun is becoming more and more cute. Cute ♥♥”, “He’ll be able to play the recorder soon”, “Wow…! Ye-jun is so cute”.

Jang Seong-gyu married a non-celebrity wife in 2014 and had two sons. Lululala Studio is receiving a lot of love through the web entertainment ‘Walk Man’.


Photo|Sunggyu Jang SNS
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