‘Monster’ Lee Gyu-hoe, exclusive contract with Ace Factory

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Monster’ Lee Gyu-hoe found his first agency after his debut.

On the 13th, Ace Factory announced the news of the exclusive contract, saying, “We are happy to be with Lee Gyu-hoe, who has proven solid acting skills by working as a theater actress for many years.”

Ace Factory said, “From the first debut of Brown Hall, as we received a lot of attention from the public with our overwhelming presence and acting ability, we will continue to provide generous support so that Lee Gyu-hoe can expand his activities in a wider variety of fields in the future.”

Lee Gyu-hoe debuted with the play ‘Macbeth’ in 1989, and became a talented actor by appearing on a number of theatrical stages such as ‘At the dock’, ‘Do not be too surprised’, ‘Arirang’, ‘Youth Ye Chan’, and ‘We are in the house villa’. Has established itself.

Based on his stable acting skills accumulated through the stage experience, he announced his first drama debut as a serial killer with duality in JTBC ‘Monster’, and at the same time showed a tremendous presence and captivated the hearts of the public.

Earlier, through a press conference, “I saw a lot of interviews by people around the serial killer (for the role), and everyone said, ‘That person is not that person.’ So, I also thought that the most ordinary person could be the scariest person, and I referred to those parts a lot. As I said, I am an actor with excellent character interpretation and expressive power.”

Ace Factory is a comprehensive entertainment company that encompasses the drama production and management business. They produced tvN ‘Confessions’, JTBC’s ‘When the Weather Is Fine’, and tvN ‘Stranger 2’. As actors, there are a number of actors including Lee Jun-hyuk, Yoo Jae-myung, Lee Yoo-young, Yoon Se-ah, Jang Seung-jo, Lee Gyu-hyung, Moon Jeong-hee, Yeom Hye-ran, and Lee Joo-young.

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