‘Radio Star’ Jo Joon-ho “London Olympics decision overturns, feelings of falling after being granting the admission to Seoul National University”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

In “Radio Star,” Jo Joon-ho recalls the 2012 London Olympics.

MBC’s entertainment show “Radio Star,” which will air at 10:30 p.m. on the 14th, will feature “Anyway Boss” with three presidents who are sincere in making a meal and a comedian pretending to be a boss, Hong Seok-cheon, Jo Joon-ho, Jason, and Kim Hae-joon (a.k.a Choi Jun).

Jo Joon-ho is a ‘dramatic’ bronze medalist. In the quarterfinals of the men’s judo under 66kg at the 2012 London Olympics, he won a decision after a close game against a Japanese player, but failed to advance to the semifinals due to the reversal of the referee’s decision. In the end, Cho won a valuable bronze medal by winning the loser’s revival and bronze medal match.

“I felt like being granted the admission of Seoul National University and then fell,” Jo said, recalling the 2012 London Olympics. Later, it turned out that the Japanese player, who was the opponent, even wrote a suicide note the day before the game.

Jo will also reveal his jinx when he was active. He has lost his first game seven times in a row in international competitions. Jo Joon-ho said he only used the middle compartment of the bathroom to escape the losing streak, set an alarm at 11:11 and prayed, saying he followed the “routine” thoroughly guarded by judo seniors, which stimulates curiosity.

Jo Joon-ho, who has been running the gym as a judo coach and commentator since his retirement, says his younger brother, former national judo player Jo Joon-hyun, is having a hard time with Covid-19, saying, “I’m working on the gym and having a part time job.” He also tells why he turned into a YouTuber, saying, “I lost my job as COVID-19 and visited Jang Dong-min.”

Jo Joon-ho opened a “Wall of Fight” channel that features former judo national team players competing against each other with Jang Dong-min’s idea. Jo Joon-ho, who faced Kim Dong-hyun, a mixed martial arts player, said, “Jang Dong-min wants something more stimulating,” adding that YouTube channels are “problematic if it goes well or not.” In particular, it is said to have tipped off the next contestant, which is being cast, to open the eyes of the “Radio Star” MCs, causing curiosity.

Jo Joon-ho also recently appeared on “Radio Star” and said he saw Jang Dong-min manufacturing a folk tale. Jo Joon-ho said, “Jang Dong-min gave a speech to young people,” and will show off his talk and entertainment skills by telling witnesses that make his comedian colleagues Yoo Se-yoon and Ahn Young-mi raise their hands.

Former judo national team member Jo Joon-ho’s YouTuber challenge can be confirmed through “Radio Star,” which will air at 10:30 p.m. on the 14th.


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