‘Rhymer’s wife’ Ahn Hyun-mo, “I’m lucky to meet a nice husband”

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

Ahn Hyun-mo, an interpreter and reporter, showed off her affection for her husband Rhymer.

In the SBS Plus entertainment program ‘Kang Ho-dong’s Meal’, which aired on the 12th, interpreter Ahn Hyun-mo, broadcaster Shin A-young, and group Wonder Girls Woo Hye-rim appeared as guests.

Ahn Hyun-mo, who married Rhymer, CEO of Brand New Music in 2017. She cited marriage as the most difficult thing in her life, and said, “It doesn’t mean that living with my husband is unfortunate, but marriage was an event that completely expanded my worldview.”

She continued, saying, “The environment I lived in, people around me, thoughts, and habits were all different. I got to see it. As I matched it, I felt like I had grown up.”

At the same time, Ahn Hyun-mo expressed her affection for Rhymer, saying, “Now, the stability has come to the point where the effort and conflict feel rewarding. What I feel these days is that my husband’s blessing is natural.”

So, when MC Kang Ho-dong laughed, saying, “How happy (Rhymer) will be happy to see this broadcast,” Ahn Hyun-mo said, “I don’t think I’m going to say this well. When I say, ‘Is it good to marry?’, I often make a different voice. It seems like I am expressing affection like this after appearing on the broadcast.”

On the other hand, ‘Kang Ho-dong’s Meal’ is a new concept cooking talk show where MCs cook food containing guest stories and listen to their life stories. It airs every Monday at 9 PM.


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