‘Tax evasion and self-pricing violations’ Korean Englishman announces return after 6 months

British man. Photo|Channel A

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

YouTuber “Korean Englishman” has announced his return. It has been about six months since Josh, the main cast member, was embroiled in a controversy over violating the COVID-19 quarantine rules and tax evasion.

YouTuber Ollie, who has run the YouTube channel “British Man Korean Englishman” with Josh, announced her plan to return on her Instagram on the 13th.

“I’m sorry I haven’t posted for a long time. It was a hectic time. I didn’t want to post until I knew what was going on. “We have all started working on good and new contents,” he said. “We will return to YouTube activities at the end of April.”

The YouTube channel British man had stopped uploading the video late last year after Josh and his wife’s national monument caused a stir for violating the Covid-19 quarantine rules. At that time, Josh said he would stop YouTube activities after his wife’s national expenses posted a video of her birthday party during self-isolation on YouTube channel, which became controversial.

Since then, some Internet users have raised suspicions of tax evasion, saying they only pay taxes to the UK, even though most of their profits are generated in Korea, and Josh has explained that “they are paying taxes faithfully to each country on imports from Korea and the UK.”

Some point out that the controversy over the British man’s tentative schedule for uploading the video at the end of April may follow the “six-month law” of YouTubers. It is pointed out that due to YouTube’s policy, if you don’t upload videos for more than six months or there is no activity, the conditions for generating profits will be canceled, and this may be a careful decision.


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