‘Video Star’ Yang Ji-eun “I’m lucky to win Miss Trot 2, thanks to the keychain I bought for 2,000 won.”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Yang Ji-eun shows off her honest charm in “Video Star.”

MBC Everyone Video Star, which will air on the 13th, is Miss Trot yesterday! Today, Yang Ji-eun, Hong Ji-yoon, Kim Tae-yeon, Kim Eui-young, Byul Sarang, and Eun Ga-eun will appear to show off their colorful charm of six people.

Yang Ji-eun, who was chosen as Jin in “Miss Trot 2” and is loved by viewers, showed her honest charm by saying, “I am the one who was accepted after the contest.” She said he lost a lot of weight compared to the beginning of the contest because he had to learn a dance that she had never learned before, along with the huge amount of practice she had to perform in a limited preparation time.

The MCs, who confirmed Yang Ji-eun’s so-called “competition weight loss” effect, also drew laughter by showing their motivation, saying, “I should participate in the next season.”

On the other hand, Yang Ji-eun was curious by saying that the reason why she was able to become “Jin” in “Miss Trot 2” was 2,000 won. She recalled the time, saying, “I bought a key ring that brought good luck to a girl I met by chance during the team mission, and I think the 2,000-won key ring I bought at that time brought me the luck of winning.”

It is rumored that the cast, who saw Yang Ji-eun’s key ring at the recording site, were enthusiastic about the instant auction, asking how much they could afford.

In addition, Yang Ji-eun showed off her various personal talents to escape the boring image that she has accumulated. Due to Yang Ji-eun’s struggles, the rest of the guests will be equipped with super strong reactions to fill Yang’s confidence.

Miss Trot 2 ‘Jin’ Yang Ji-eun’s various performances can be seen on MBC’s ‘Video Star’ at 8:30 p.m. on April 13.


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