‘Afternoon Hope’ Mamamoo Wheein X Moon, ‘first and first feast’ of tone goddesses

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Group Mamamoo Wheein and jazz vocalist Moon (Hyewon) showed a live chat with Gwihogang in ‘Afternoon Hope’.

Wheein and Moon (Hyewon) appeared as guests in MBC FM4U’s ‘Afternoon Hope Kim Shin-young’ (hereinafter ‘Afternoon Hope’) aired on the 14th.

On this day, DJ Kim Shin-young said, “I’m with Moon (Hyewon) and Wheein, the voice I want to have. Today is the first and first special feature. Wheein released the first solo debut, and Moon (Hyewon) released the first global jazz album.”

On this day, DJ Kim Shin-young told Wheein, “We are ranked No. 1 on the charts of 13 countries. The grades are very good. How is the reaction of the Mamabu members?”

Wheein said, “The members cheered me on through each Instagram story. After the radio is over, member Moonbyul goes to the radio. We will have a feast later.”

As a result, Kim Shin-young said, “Wheein is busy with the start.”

Kim Shin-young said to Moon (Hyewon), “When it comes to jazz, it feels far away. It is listed in the album details as a leader of K-Jazz. Wasn’t it the first Korean vocalist to release an album on the label ‘Jazz’.”

Moon (Hyewon) was proud, saying, “It is the first among Korean performers.”

Kim Shin-young asked, “Can you think of the label called Verbra as a big hit in the jazz world?” Moon (Hyewon) said, “It is a label that has a very long tradition. “I have been presenting musicians for a very long time.”

Shinyoung Kim started the story, saying, “Moon is in English and Hyewon is in Korean.”

In response, Moon (Hyewon) said, “During Winter Play, I was active as Hyewon. I found it difficult to pronounce Hyewon especially in Japan because of the increasing number of overseas activities. So, when I was solo, I had a lot of thoughts about how to name my name. I couldn’t do it, so I decided to work with a convenient name, ‘Moon’.”

“When I search the door on the Internet, there are too many toilet doors, doorways, and windows. So, while thinking, I decided to call it Moon (Hyewon).”

Kim Shin-young asked Wheein, “What does the first mini-album ‘Redd’ mean?”

Wheein said, “Redd means ‘in order’. There is a meaning of ‘to put away’. It has a meaning of ‘Let’s throw away the false tastes and draw the true self.’

Kim Shin-young said, “Wheein participated a lot in the lyrics and composition of a total of 7 albums. When asked, “Do you write songs quickly?” When I think clearly and clearly, I write lyrics quickly. However, if I try to write lyrics because I am usually bored, it will not work.”

She continued, “When I compose it while playing with my brother I work with, I work quickly. If you do it together, it’s fast, and if you do it alone, it feels slow.”

Kim Shin-young said, “It seems that the killing lyrics of the title song watercolor is’I’m all good together.'” When asked, “Is this the word you really wanted to do with your solo album?” Wheein said, “I think so.”

Kim Shin-young asked Moon (Hyewon), “You wrote 10 songs for this album. You composed 8 songs. It seems to be Mansour of the jazz world. How many songs are registered with the Copyright Association?”

Moon (Hyewon) said, “There are many original songs called jazz, but there are many songs that reinterpret and cover like ‘KondoKondoKondo’. So there are not many songs that have been uploaded by my name. But I will increase it in the future.”

Kim Shin-young said, “I listened to 10 songs in a row on a lazy afternoon, and it gave me the feeling of being relaxed. Even in a busy situation, people became comfortable as much as the moment they listened to 10 songs. It seems to be the power of music.”

Accordingly, Moon (Hyewon) said, “In the case of the first and second albums, the physical time was less because I worked abroad. So, rather than reflecting 100% of my opinion, I compromised my opinions.”

Moon (Hyewon) said, “For this album, I worked on a song in Korea. You can assume that I’ve almost done it. Not only the songs, but also photos were taken and went to the print shop. All work was done with my own hands and 100% of my opinions got into it. So I think I could contain more of me. It’s my album, but even if I listen to it, it’s so nice to hear it.”

Wheein and Moon (Hyewon) said, “I worked hard on the new music. Please listen a lot.”

On the other hand, Moon (Hyewon) released a new studio album ‘CHROMATIC PARAIDSE’ on the 26th.

On the 13th at 6 pm on the 13th, Wheein released his first mini-album ‘Redd’ through various music sources. ‘Redd’ contains the meaning of erasing the colorless false taste attached to the body and mind, and revealing the ‘Redd’ that the person truly wants.


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