Brave Girl Yoo-jeong, the cool beauty of Ms Turtle

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Group Brave Girls Yoo-jeong gave off a refreshing charm.

On the 14th, Yoo-jeong left a post on her Instagram with a picture, “Take me and go.”

In the released photo, Yoo-jeong is full of coolness in a mint color cropped cardigan. In the brightly smiling photo, it resembles the trademark squirrel, showing the appearance of ‘Ms Turtle’.

Fans who saw this said, “If you buy eggs, you only have 29 eggs? There is no limit to the charm of Yoo-jeong”, “You need to gain weights”, “Look here~ One two three! They responded with reactions such as “click”.

While Brave Girls has been enjoying the most popularity since their debut with ‘Rollin’ running backwards, Yoo-jeong was selected as an advertisement model for Orion’s confectionery ‘Turtle Chip’ thanks to the support of fans last month.

Photo|Yoojung SNS

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