Han Ji-min encourages two mothers Gil Hye-yeon and Lee Jung-eun to watch the first broadcast of ‘Law School’

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Han Ji-min cheered for Gil Hye-yeon and Lee Jung-eun’s drama ‘Law School’.

On the 14th, Han Ji-min posted on her Instagram “The great director Kim Seok-yoon and my two mothers, Gil Hye-yeon, and Lee Jung-eun, are broadcasting their first drama law school today!!! I ask for a lot of support and interest~ I also support Hye-jin!”

In the picture together, Ji-min Han visits the set and smiles sweetly with Gil Hye-yeon and Lee Jung-eun. It seems that Han Ji-min’s muffler and Gil Hye-yeon’s jacket were matched like mother and daughter.

Han Ji-min met as mother and daughter in the MBC drama ‘One Spring Night’ with Gil Hye-yeon and actor Lee Jung-eun and the JTBC drama ‘The Light in Your Eyes’.

Meanwhile, JTBC’s Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Law School,’ starring Gil Hye-yeon and Lee Jung-eun, will be broadcast for the first time at 9 pm on this day. It is a drama about the process of realizing truth, law, and justice through a campus mystery and bloody, sweaty, and tearful survival of law school.


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