Kim Hee-jae, released today (14th) produced by Young-Tak, ‘Follow me’

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Kim Hee-jae presents a trendy trot.

Kim Hee-jae releases his first single album and official debut song ‘Prod. by Young Tak’ through an online music site before 6 pm on the 14th and releases a music video.

The new song ‘Follow me’ is a dreamy disco-style trendy trot with a retro synth sound and an analog Moog bass plus the classical melody of an electric violin. The intense beat and the dreamy guitar sound become one, captivating the listeners’ ears.

In particular, the lyrics expressing the passionate love of men and women are impressive, and Kim Hee-jae’s tender beauty and sexy voice enhance the immersion and completeness of the song. Produced by the combination of Young Tak and Ji Kwang-min, who are continuing their unstoppable musical moves, and Kim Hee-jae participates in the lyrics, it is attracting attention.

Earlier, Kim Hee-jae showed off his charm by sequentially releasing the official photo and music video teaser video of ‘Follow me’. Kim Hee-jae, who has an intense and fatal concept, a fascinating dance performance, and a delicate emotional expression that interprets the song, is planning to build a new area of his own, ‘Trot Idol’ through this new song.

Kim Hee-jae has provided music fans’ joyful and joyful energy in broadcasting programs and various stages. Many people are paying attention to Kim Hee-jae’s musical moves as it foretold a fresh and unusual appearance that has not been shown so far.

Kim Hee-jae. Photo l New Era Project

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