Park Ha-sun “Honor” to listen Seong Si-kyung’s cover song (Seoul House)

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Seong Si-kyung performed a cover song during her home tour.

In JTBC’s “Seoul House”, which airs on the 14th (Wednesday), Seong Si-kyung and Park Ha-sun will go on a home tour to an unexpected remodeling house in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province.

Park Ha-sun, who arrived in Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province, started the opening alone without a partner, making sure there were guests and swelling with excitement and expectations. However, Park Ha-sun was disappointed when she found the Bible.

Meanwhile, Seong Si-kyung tried to show up with a good posture, but she unintentionally laughed when she was hit by a sudden splash.

Goyang “My House,” which kept the old-fashioned exterior, was an attractive house with a completely different atmosphere inside and outside. Seong Si-kyung, who started the home tour, was surprised as soon as she saw the inside, and Park Ha-sun explained “my house” with a single word, “It’s snowing.” In particular, Park Ha-sun envied the place where she could enjoy playing safely in the Korona situation.

After discovering the old car game console, the two appeared excited as if they had returned to their childhood. Seong Si-kyung suggested that the loser dance “Rollipoli Dance” to make a bet on Park Ha-sun as a penalty. Park Ha-sun, who showed enthusiasm by saying, “I will never lose,” started the game with brilliant handling. On the other hand, Seong Si-kyung continued the game without saying a word, and Park Ha-sun criticized Seong Si-kyung, saying, “We have to broadcast.” Park Ha-sun then drew laughter as Seong Si-kyung overtook her and took the lead.

In the end, Park Ha-sun, who failed to cross the wall of Seong Si-kyung, surprised everyone by recreating “Rollipoli Dance.” Seong Si-kyung then chose Jung Seung-hwan’s “You idiot” as an answer and performed a home concert for “My House.”

Park Ha-sun, who was enjoying it in the first row, said, “It’s an honor,” and Seong Si-kyung responded with a proud smile to the enthusiastic cheers of the field staff.

Also, Seong Si-kyung showed off her rising acting skills during her home tour. He performed facial expressions following actor Lee Byung-hun, and performed a perfect one-man situational play without Park Ha-sun’s help. In particular, the angry acting, which shouted like a roar, reminded me of the real situation, and Seong Si-kyung confessed, “I feel relieved after shouting with the smoke,” drawing laughter.

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