Seo Ye-ji’s staff revealed her gapjil, saying, “Seo Ye-ji looked down on me, verbal abuse was pervasive”

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There is a series of revelations about actress Seo Ye-ji (31). As soon as he explained about his past lover Kim Jung-hyun’s manipulation rumor, school violence, and alleged forgery of his educational background, the staff revealed his power abuse.

On the morning of the 14th, an article titled “I’m a staff member who worked with actor Seo Ye-ji’s personality disclosure” was released on an online community.

Author A said he was a staff member who worked with Seo Ye-ji and said, “At the company, Seo Ye-ji didn’t want to go to the scene with each other.”
“I cried at the company and said I really didn’t want to go out, but the company told me to just refer to it and it helped you with your career, so we worked together for several years.”

“(Seo Ye-ji) always smoked and even ran cigarette errands in the car, pretending that cursing is basic and conceptual while working, but didn’t know the damage of second-hand smoke.”

“You came in front of yourself for a small mistake, and you smoked in front of me, and you didn’t follow me when I got off the bathroom, and she said, ‘What if someone kidnapped me? Hey, you must guard me.’ You don’t treat me like a maid or a human, but you ignored me like a pig.”

Will you also explain this article by listing Seo Ye-ji’s power abuse, such as “We couldn’t eat meal when she was in a bad mood,” and “Since you’re a person who works with feelings of learning, you have to adjust to yourself?” Was it a love fight with our staff?”

The author said he would prove that he was a staff member who worked with Seo Ye-ji, and posted a poster photo with the movie introduction program cue sheet and Seo Ye-ji’s autograph.

In this article, Internet user B said, “I worked with Seo Ye-ji,” adding, “I feel depressed again. I’ve been through everything. Seo Ye-ji revealed the power abuse she suffered, saying, “I always work with the feelings of learning, so I lived with the words that all the staff members had to match me.”

B said, “After a long time, I regret why I endured so much. It’s been a hell of a time in my life. I’m the witness and the victim at the same time. And I hope those who experienced it in person will be brave enough to tell us about it encouraged another revelation.”

Also, “Seo Yeji, do you have a good personality?” posted on online communities and SNS in 2017. “I like it, but I’m curious about your personality.” The answer posted by Internet user C in July last year is spreading. “I don’t want to be involved again because I’ve worked with him for years. “My hands and feet tremble when I’m on TV because I’m crying and having a hard time working.” C added in February, “She will have nothing to say when we meet at the police station after spreading false information.”

Seo Ye-ji was previously raised in February, but suspicions of school gangs that had been covered up were rekindled.

On the 13th, an online community posted an article titled “Why Seo Ye-ji couldn’t explode.”

“In fact, OOO, who was beaten up and flew away in front of all the children by Seo Ye-ji, is also a baby’s mother,” the author said. “If I don’t take the girls I’ve been carrying with me, I hit them with all my heart and treat them as if they’re all mine.”

“The reason why the school didn’t open up is because they are baby mothers, so I can’t go out easily,” he said. “I’m a baby mother, so I think I know how I feel.” Suspicions of Seo Ye-ji’s school violence were raised in February, but the graduation photo of Seo Ye-ji, which was released by the discloser at the time, continued to point out that it was quite different from the current image, and the article was deleted and naturally forgotten.

Seo Ye-ji’s agency Gold Medalist is busy explaining the allegations.

The agency made an official position on the 13th, explaining the rumors of a romantic relationship with Kim Jong-hyun and manipulating him, and denying the falsification of school violence and academic background.
Regarding the gas lighting rumor and manipulation rumor that Kim Jung-hyun’s drama “Time” was called, “It is a common love battle among actors who are lovers in the industry.”

He said, “It’s not true at all,” and explained about the fake academic records, “I prepared to enter Madrid-based University of Madrid in Spain after receiving a notice of acceptance, but I haven’t been able to go to college normally since I started my career in Korea.”

On the suspicion of overusing power of staff, the government has remained silent. Attention is focusing on what stance Seo Ye-ji and her agency, which are sticking to silence, will come up with.

Photo| Star Today DB
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